What are the best alternatives to Netflix?

As we all know, Netflix nowadays is the most used application for watching web series, shows, or movies.it has a set of very amazing shows to watch in different languages. But we know that it is a bit expensive for some people and due to that people are looking for Best and Affordable Alternatives to Netflix. 

There are other platforms like Netflix to give you the best experience of binge-watching.

 I have listed some of which I think are the best alternatives for Netflix. 

  • Amazon Prime Video: This is the paid subscription application by Amazon. In which is available in several countries. Amazon Prime was started on 2nd February 2006. It has 200 million users worldwide. 

In this application, there are many amazing shows and movies in different languages, that a person can never get bored of. 

Also, it has several shows from across the world such as America, England, India, Korea, etc. It is a very good alternative to Netflix, that you can choose. 

Plus, it is also cheaper than Netflix.

  • Disney Plus Hotstar: Disney Plus Hotstar launched in the US in 2019, enlarged with many other countries including India. Not even movies or web series but you can watch live cricket watches as well.

In India, it was launched in April 2020 with a paid subscription.

It is a partnership between Disney and Star India’s existing service. 

The cost of the application is triple cheaper than Netflix or Prime.

  • Discovery Plus: Discovery Plus is owned and run by Discovery Inc. And it was launched on 23rd March 2020 in India.

It is also available in the US and Europe. The platform has more than 12 million subscribers. You can also watch interesting shows of Discovery and also has much exclusive original content.

  • Youtube: It is an online video application, owned by Google on 14th February 2005. It recorded 342.3 million users on YouTube in 2021.

And you can watch any video or movie or anything for FREE.

Besides, it has many videos like short web series, short films, serials, etc. and it is free of cost. You can watch whatever you like for free. It is a great alternative to Netflix.

Netflix alternatives

Not so affordable but quite amazing as compared to Netflix.

  • Hulu TV: Hulu TV was launched and founded on the same day, 29th October 2007 by The Walt Disney Company. It hit 39.4 million users till 2nd January 2020. 

In this application, you will get to enjoy almost every American TV series.

Besides, it was the first to add ‘Plus’ in its name, when it launched its subscription plan as Hulu Plus. It is another good alternative for binge-watchers of Netflix.

  • HBO Max Plus: In this application, there are all shows on HBO Channel, but not more than 4k contents. 

HBO Max Plus was started by WarnerMedia Entertainment. 

Plus, it also includes many videos so you can download and easily watch them offline.


No doubt Netflix is a very amazing platform to binge-watch amazing shows and movies. But where is the fun when we do not have the competition to compare it with? 

It is good to have more options in your pocket. These Netflix Alternatives (mentioned above) are the best ones in my opinion.

You should give them a try (if you did not) and see for yourself that they have as good content as Netflix and even cheaper than it.

I hope you enjoyed this information and it was useful to you. Stay home, stay healthy.

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