About Us

GlobalTrustopedia is a center for all of your interests revolving around health, entertainment, social issues, tech, and food & fitness. 

What does GlobalTrustopedia mean?

So, by splitting the word ‘GlobalTrustopedia’ into two, we get Global and Trustopedia on each hand that derives individual meaning and purposes associated with our site. 



It implies to disseminate information, including the underprivileged areas (country, states, or a community) to the well developed claiming countries. 

This way, we try to serve you multiple items on your plate, which keeps you exploring and wondering while you are scrolling our feed. 



It is an amalgamation of two objectives of our site. 

Pedia’ derives the ultimate learning where you can come and grasp the research-based authentic information based on your interested field. 

Although ‘Pedia’ has its own special power to add value to learning derived from information/news/updates or any research-based articles, hence sticking to Pedia is never disappointing at all.

‘Trusto’ is the essence of this whole idea where we inculcate with facts and figures, statics (launched by trusted companies and nonprofits organizations), or simply from the prior research done by the scholars. 

Our Mission

GlobalTrustopedia aims to help you to make factual decisions, informative progress, and the reality of unnoticed things happening around you. Therefore, we envision to be a trusted hub in the long run where people can understand and implement in personal and professional life.

Our Research 

Research is the core element of our content; therefore, we aim to use it as a tool in our content.


Health is one of the important pillars of one’s development to the nation’s development, and it can be seen in three different variations, including public health, physical health, and mental health.

Therefore health context incorporates a plethora of information where you get to know people’s perception and attitude towards their mental health and physical health.

On the other side, government programs and interventions related to the pandemic, diseases, and health services are also going to be presented on the basis of our research.


Social media is a new entertainment source, including movies, tv-series, web series, and more. Besides, our life revolves around these fun elements; therefore, we assess the existing data and make a factual opinion.

In the context of entertainment, it makes a major impact on societal behavior as a whole; thus, we feel the importance of entertainment in one’s life.

Social Issues

We look for trending societal issues happening in developed and under developing countries to make their factual comparisons. Moreover, we tempt to unravel people’s behavior towards sensitive issues related to holistic development.

Food & Fitness

We try to bring healthy practices through our strategic analysis and secondary research methodology. Besides, diet and exercise are associated with a lot of factors, including the family’s economy, health facilities, impacts on cognitive and physical development.

Furthermore, meditation is burgeoning these days; thus, it plays an important role, which you should know. 


Technology is booming incredibly, and it is mandatory to mention tech if we are talking about development, behavior, or perception.

Hence, through our analysis, we get to know tech’s involvement in multiple industries accomplishing goals amid pandemic and economic crisis. 


Sources of data:

GlobalTrustopedia grabs the information/data/stats/ from authentic and reliable sources, including:



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The Public Health Advocate

Science Direct

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