These Trees and Indoor Plants helps in Oxygen amid Covid 19

Nature gives us so many things that we cannot count on our whole life. The sunlight to see, the moon in the dark, the stars, the medicines given by plants, and most importantly the Oxygen. You definitely won’t regret spending your time on this article. Know about the best indoor plants for oxygen amid covid 19.

It is a common fact that we cannot live without Oxygen. And trees and indoor plants give us that to breathe. However, trees give us many other things like fruits and vegetables. 

Trees improvise the air quality as they produce oxygen. A mature tree produces enough oxygen to fill two human beings’ lungs each year. 

As a result, a forest can produce enough oxygen to give 100,000 people the gas in their lungs annually.

During these times of the pandemic out there, there have been a lot of difficulties in the past year. 


This year, for India especially, got very ugly than the last one. Even though vaccines have been made, the cases of corona have increased rapidly. 

And the shortage of oxygen made it more powerful and deadly, as a common symptom of this deadly virus is breathlessness.

We watch the news of people dying outside due to the falling of the oxygen level. Which is so horrible and scary to watch. But, what if we can plant trees in our homes to get more oxygen. Indoor planting is one of the methods to improve respiratory health.


Indoor Planting help in Oxygen

There are so many trees you can plant in our houses to do so. To get more oxygen you should plant these trees in your house as these plants produce more oxygen scientifically.

  • The Ficus Plant

The Ficus plant, also called the weeping fig, is a plant that purifies the air and gives us many advantages.

And it is known as one of the best indoor plants for oxygen amid covid 19.

According to NASA, it is an air-cleansing plant, it is very effective in cleaning airborne xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

Interestingly the plant improvises the quality of the air around you. 



  • Money Plant 

The scientific name for the money plant is Pothos. This is a very common plant in houses nowadays.

Pothos produces oxygen even at night and has very powerful air-purifying resources.

You can keep it in any of your rooms in which you spend most of your time.

It cleans air pollutants like carbon monoxide, xylene etc. 


  • Areca Palm

This plant purifies oxygen by removing harmful chemicals from the environment.

According to NASA’s consideration, this is one of the best air-purifying indoor plants in the world.

Talking about advantages, it produces more oxygen than most indoor plants.

Although, it just needs more care than the other ones.


  • Peepal Tree



The botanical name of this tree is called Ficus Religiosa. It produces more oxygen than any other plant in India.

Also, it can help to cleanse the air around you.

Besides, it is very beneficial to plant a peepal tree in your yard in order to get more oxygen.




Neem can give you many benefits. It is a very medicinal plant. It gives us many medicines. Moreover, it is a very good source of oxygen. It is very beneficial to plant it in your garden.

Jamun Tree

Jamun tree is also the best plant for oxygen amid covid 19. This plant is able to soak up toxic gases like nitrogen from the air and gives you the purified air.

Not to mention the juicy berries and fragrant flowers that look so beautiful.

These were the best indoor plants for oxygen amid covid 19 and few trees to have in your yard. However, there are many more trees and indoor plants that give us adequate oxygen or helps in maintaining the oxygen level such as pines, oak, aspen, douglas-fir, spruce, etc. These plants give us purified air and a breathable environment.


In these tough times of the pandemic, we should take care of ourselves and our loved ones more precisely. We should plant more trees not just for the sake of us but it will also help the environment by balancing its oxygen level. 

Indoor plants and trees not just give us oxygen and purify the air but they also give us beautiful scenery for our eyes, they decorate our houses very beautifully. Plants also give us medicinal advantages and fruits to improve our health.

There is a very long list of the advantages that indoor plants amid covid 19 give us, we just cannot count them all. But for now, that was all. I hope it will help your health and will give you more oxygen and natural advantages.




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