What is the Future of Cloud Kitchen in 2021?

Cloud Kitchen is a big part of the following trending technology designed for the food industry. It is also known as a virtual kitchen and ghost kitchen. You must be listening about this term for the first time, but you must not know that we all have taken advantage of this technology like a thousand times in a year. And that is why the future of Cloud Kitchen is a must to talk about. 

Remember the fear of covid 19 lockdown phase where we were stuck inside our home, some with family, and many people had to survive alone. At that time, we all missed food because that is a necessity for all of us. And we missed having a bite of our favorite pizza or any exotic cuisine. However, gladly, our food soul got saved by online food delivery apps (Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, etc.)

Cloud kitchen

How does Cloud Kitchen work?

Have you ever visited Zomato or a Zomata cafe or seen any UberEats outlet? No, because these are not the restaurants. These are the virtual kitchen mobile application that acts as a third-party member for customers and brands. 

  • There are no seating arrangements or no physical stores to entertain customers.
  • The concept is to gain online delivery demands through an online platform, apps, or calls.
  • Therefore, kitchen setup is necessary for cooking, and multiple food brands share the space together.
  • You must have a well-designed online cuisine menu to attract customers.
  • Rest, application or 3rd party mobile application helps to make the payments smoothly.



Who works at Cloud Kitchen?

As it is a leased place for food companies, so they operate the workstation. Besides, it has no seating arrangements that require less manpower. However, only cooks and managers work to confirm the order, deliver the parcel, and receive the payments. That’s how this new tech-based kitchen works. 

Is Cloud Kitchen a successful business model?

There are approximately 5.33 billion smartphone users in the world, including teens and adults. Besides, covid 19 has changed people’s living behavior, and in our day-to-day busy life, we prefer to cut-down waitings and standing in a long queue. Therefore, a ghost kitchen or virtual structure of a kitchen is the most feasible option for a new generation.

Cloud kitchen

Here are some successful case study of cloud kitchen during covid 19:

  • Swiggy has successfully increased its order value by 80-85 percent.
  • In a Statista survey of 2020, there was an increase in 70% of consumers ordering food online. 
  • Freshmenu
  • Swiggy Access model
  • Zomato Infrastructure Services business model
  • The Kitopi business model 
  • Faasos was the first cloud kitchen in India.
  • New face of F&B in 2020

How Cloud kitchen became popular?

Pre Coivd 19, very few people were interesting and trusted online food delivery services. The outbreak of coronavirus has shaped the food industry as food is a basic necessity of our life that implies regular food purchase. 

  • It is convenient, acceptable, and transparent.
  • It helps to maintain the covid 19 safety guidelines. 
  • Plus, having a whole menu on your phone screen makes it easier to decide as compared to standing in front of the subway order counter. 
  • Besides, it saves time and energy, and travel costs as well. 
  • You can track your order timing on your phone with details and everything.
  • As it is a tech-based facility that way, you can grab the ongoing deals and offers on food. 

Indeed, technology has never failed to amaze us. And in crucial times of covid19, it helps to keep us alive and happy.

However, good things always come with some bad things. So, wait for the next blog to know more about the cloud kitchen business model. 
















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