If you are the one who watches News every day then you must be curious to know why covid-19 cases are increasing in India this year. No doubt, we all were shocked to see the situation outside of the hospitals. 


COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus is a disease, which came from Wuhan, China, and infected many people, and also outspread all over the world. It started at the end of the year 2019 and still continues. 

When the disease started most of the countries announced lockdowns for months. And covid 19 came with anxiety and phobia i.e. coronaphobia. 

At the time of starting this virus, all over the world was infected, but the UK, United States of America, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. were the countries were affected very badly by the virus. 

India was also infected with this virus. In India, our Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi, announced a lockdown in March 2020. 

The first lockdown started in India on 25th March 2020 for 21 days, and the same was extended also for 3 months.  

When 2021 starts, no one expected for COVID-19 return, but as we all know the second wave of Coronavirus hit us again and this time it is deadlier than the previous one. 

In this, counting of deaths is increased, there are no oxygens in the hospitals, counting of infected people increases speedily. 

covid 19 india

Stats of covid 19 cases in India

In India 1,76,36,207 are the total cases till now. Against the total cases, 1,45,56,209 are already recovered and 1.97.894 deaths. 

Most of the active cases are from Maharashtra with 43,43,727 total cases and the least cases are from Lakshadweep with 2,247 total cases.

Reasons for increasing Covid 19 cases in India:

There are many reasons for increasing Corona cases in India, some of them are as follows: 

  • Protocol Exhaustion: As we all know, in the starting of lockdown in March 2020, there are many rules made for safety, like wearing masks, using sanitizers, social distancing, and taking the lockdown seriously. But now, when the second wave is started, no one takes this situation seriously. 
  • Public Gathering: There are many gatherings, where no one takes precautions. Like, Rally for elections, Festivals, Marriage, etc. In these gatherings, no one takes precautions for safety from this deadliest virus, there is no social distancing, no one wears masks properly.
  • On-going Election rallies: This is one of the major reasons behind violation of rules.
  • Population: Population is also the main reason for increasing cases. India ranks second highest position with the highest number of population. Countries with Cities, which have more population, have changes to increase numbers in cases because population gives more opportunity to spread from one person to another. This is the reason why cities like, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. are affected more than others.
  • Inadequate healthcare services: India was never prepared to fight any of such pandemic due to its highest population rate. Low quality of medical services and high cost of medicines have always been a hindrance to development. And today, we are bearing the cost.
  • More Testing: Testing of Coronavirus increased in India, this is also the reason for increasing cases. In the first wave of COVID-19, people were frightened for testing as there is no cure for this. But now there are vaccines available for this virus that’s why most people go for testing if there are any symptoms.

This new wave of Coronavirus in India is very harmful to everyone. Situations in Hospitals are not good, there is a lack of oxygen, beds are not available for patients. 

The only way to do that is to enhance the vaccination, maintain social distancing and follow the rules of lockdown.

But if we don’t follow the rules the virus will make its way to our home and we certainly would not want that.

So stay healthy, stay safe and follow the precautions and the instructions of the government because they are working for us and we should contribute too.

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