Things to do when you feel Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem these days, and people do not realize that anxiety can grow more horribly. That is because their lives are so busy making money that they do not think about their health. So, we have listed a few practices that one should do whenever they feel anxiety and panic attacks due to coronaphobia. 

Drink cold water

Looking weird or common?. But yes, you must know how much water is important for our body. Sometimes, inadequate water intake can make you tired and tired, and the moment you take chilled water, you feel good and refreshed. Do not believe me? Why don’t you implement and see how it’s going to work. 

Take a day off and watch your favorite comedy movie/TV series.

Let’s just be realistic here and give some credit to our smartphones, Netflix, Tv to distract our worries. 

For me, this always works; I watch FRIENDS whenever I feel low and sad and depressed. And after one or two episodes, I feel calm and refreshed. 

It helps me to think and recall all the wrong stuff and how I can come up with the best solution. 

Believe me; it’s good therapy.

work anxiety

Make a call to your close ones.

The person can be your best friend, parents, siblings, or anyone. It helps to let out your frustration and anger. Plus, they guide you, comfort you with deep talk therapy, and make you a favorite meal.

Talk therapy

Set music on and organize some messy kinds of stuff

First of all, organizing your wardrobe, kitchen, room, or work desk, or anything helps your mind sort out the good and bad stuff. Similarly, it is a mental exercise to find what is not good for you and what you should keep with you and what deserves your trash can. 

Once you indulge in organizing the stuff, you realize that your anxiety must go in the trash and fix it with the best possible solution. 

Deep long sleep

I know you must be waiting for this to be on the list. But taking a deeper sleep all the time is being a procrastinator. Therefore, it should happen once or twice a month. Why is deep long sleep important? Sometimes your mind needs peace and no work activity. And when you get up after a sound sleep, your mind feels like a newborn child with full energy and alertness. 

Doctor consultation

You may not want to hear this solution over here. But, the harsh truth is if you become anxious very frequently. Then you should take therapy from a psychiatrist or an expert because medication prescribed by your doctors can only manage extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Medical treatments like Xanax or other tranquilizers work in a way in your mind to provide calmness. Although stimulants are available in online pharmacies, only your physician can provide the right dosage according to your body and mind. 


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Disclaimer: The article/blog is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician or other qualified healthcare provider’s advice with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have a medical emergency then immediately call your physician or dial 911.


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