New Trending Technology for Healthcare Management in 2021

Why do we need to talk about technology involvement in healthcare management? Because technology has become a backbone of development in every way of the nation. The outbreak of coronavirus in 2019 enhances the innovation of upcoming trending technology for health care purposes. 

Let’s have a look at the most advanced technologies introduced in 2021 to maintaining healthcare management.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

I believe you must be reading these terms for the first time. However, the list would be incomplete if we are not talking about these two important trending technology in healthcare management. 

According to The Health Resources Services Administration, Telehealth is an amalgamation of technology and healthcare services through digital platforms in order to provide long-distance healthcare facilities. Such as electronic information, telecommunication, virtual conference, wifi, or more. Besides, WHO added more to this, by stating telehealth performs the role of surveillance, health promotion, and public health functions as well.

Health Trending technology

Interestingly, telehealth was first invented in the early 1960s in a form of Telemedicine for psychiatric consultation. However, in today’s technology-driven world, telehealth has broadened its wings like public health or physical health to fulfill the requirements during covid 19. 

Moreover, 60% of people prefer digitally-led services because they are quick, accountable, and transparent for the records. For instance, mobile application intervention for the use of booking appointments, medical checkups, and most popularly, “Arogya Sethu App” in India.

On the other side, Telemedicine is a separate root of the Telehealth branch. And it gains more attention with 24% addition of telemedicine services in hospitals due to covid 19 and health facilities crises. Telemedicine promotes clinical services where patients and doctor/healthcare providers can connect over a call or a video call, and virtual facilities are also coming as a new trending technology for healthcare management in 2021. Thus these processes are hassle-free, saves time, and maintains the guidelines of covid 19. 

Hence, it is easy to say that intervening technology with health care facilities are going to boon the tech and medical industry. Because the study of Forrester claims telehealth is going to achieve billion visitors with $ 113.1 billion by 2025 (Global telemedicine market). 

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

You can’t avoid the internet amid the technology conversation because it is like a fuel of many technological digital devices. Therefore, IoMT emerged as it combines internet (IoT) involvement and the telehealth industry. 

Health Trending technology

IoMT major products are related to wearable devices such as ECG, blood pressure check, glucose level, oximeter, health wristbands, and more. These devices have made a person’s life easy, and within a few minutes, you can track your health status by sitting at your home. Moreover, IoMT has contributed 30% in the market during the pandemic, which is going to boom with $136 billion by 2021.

Robotic surgery

It means that robots will be playing the role of assistance while doing medical surgery. It can only be possible with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning technology. However, there is no such evidence of robots performing surgery, but in the research of Dr. Google, he claimed that surgery with robots is easy to do in today’s era with the trending technology. 

Trendy technology

Besides, it will be the master move for every industry. For instance, job opportunities will increase, and the education sector will be strengthened. Therefore, it is going to support the nation’s development holistically. 


It is one of the most advanced and trending technologies in the medical field. 3D-printers utilize for surgery purposes where implants and joints can be printed according to the dimension of a patient. These prints from a 3D printer can be compatible, adaptable with natural anatomy. Besides, this device helps to customize and modify the alignments and size for different purposes. 

Health trending technology

According to the experts, this print can create both temporary (soluble) or long-lasting objects. For example, an eye-wash ball, and you can have a printed pill as well. 

However, there are limited studies related to advantages and disadvantages. But, indeed this technology is going to get more popularity in coming years. 

Smart Pacemaker

trending technology

A pacemaker device is an old and common medical technology to regulate and control the heartbeat. It is a small device placed inside the chest, and over a million patients use the device, especially the elderly population. Now, the pacemaker can be smart with an advanced technology trend connected via Bluetooth on your smartphone. With this, a patient can easily monitor the heart’s functions by looking at the screen of their phones.


Summing up all the above details, I believe technology is a significant part of an individual level to a nation’s development. Recall the pandemic situation, and the whole world felt the lack of healthcare services; however, thanks to our technical experts and scientists, they were able to adapt to new and trending technology. Also, there are many more advanced technological devices related to health, but these are the major prime ones. 






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