Effective Communication tips for  your Business

Effective Communication skill is the key to building and maintaining a relationship with a person or company. It depends upon what type of communication you want, personal or professional. It can be of any type. But here, we will talk about professional communication. 

Businesses merely depend upon communication with customers. If we are on a pitch, we try to convince clients by talk is also a part of communication, and if we are on call we try to satisfy our customers by looking into their problems. Another round of communication happens between employee and customer and another satisfaction for early resolve the issue to the customer. 

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Communication plays a vital role in reshaping and maintaining the business effectively. And it helps to get more clients and satisfy customers. Communication skills must be ingrained in employees how they deal with customers. 

Employees should know how to deal with customers and satisfy their needs. If we miss the opportunity to satisfy customer needs, it can decrease sales and loss of business. Good communication skill is needed for better results and employees should make a habit as he directly deals with customers via call or chat. 

Here are few effective communication tips that every company should follow:

to get into the flow and make the deal perfect without decreasing sales or clients. 

Having Patience

As you represent the company to your customer online or offline. Then you should know what your customer wants from you. You should have patience while answering customer’s queries. Because customers never understand in their first attempt so they can make a call again to satisfy themself. If you didn’t have patience you lose the chance to help to get more customers. 

By Reducing waiting time

In the end, we ensure that customers should be happy with our service. Customers might get confused in any of the product or service he is facing. It’s the employee’s responsibility to make the customer aware of all the situation and what has been done till now or will complete by not waiting for him longer. The longer you make your customers wait, the more they will be frustrated or unhappy with your service. 

By Interruption

When listening to customer’s complaints, you should not interrupt them as they can feel less valued. You should listen carefully unless they make their point clear before you. This happens most of the time. People usually do not listen to repeated lines every time, so they get frustrated. But you have to be attentive and patience while attending to a customer. 

Knowledge of product or service

This can be the most relevant reason for customer dissatisfaction. Most of the employees did not know about their products or services the company offered. This is on the high priority by companies to give full information or knowledge about product or service so that they can deal with any of the situations by not making any excuses to customers. 

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Active Listener

While attending a call, you should listen to a customer query don’t give a chance to repeat himself. Your voice tone should be clear while resolving queries. Active listening is the most effective tool of communication. Also, you should acknowledge the customer’s query by giving him positive words and saying your query is easy to resolve in some time or soon. 


Yes, few of the employees considered this point seriously, and few of many might have applied before to the customers. If you are unaware of the question what the customer wants, then rather than giving a clumsy answer, you should show your honesty by simply saying ‘I don’t know’ and ensure the customer that he will get a response within a very quick time. 

Author: Kapil Mishra – LinkedIn

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