There are any Disadvantages of Cloud Kitchen Business?

Some of us may know the term Cloud Kitchen and some of us still have no idea about the concept of this. Well, let me tell you everything about it.

You may not know about it directly but you did use its services many times for sure. You must be aware of Zomato, Swiggy, etc., right? These are the cloud kitchens in front of your eyes and you did not know that

The concept has gained huge success in the past few years. People nowadays order online for mediciens or food more than ever before. And the Corona situation made it more successful because of the lockdown thing.

When we could not go outside to eat; restaurant food came to us at our home with the help of these online services we have.

Pros and Cons Cloud Kitchen

What is meant by cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is a restaurant that has no physical outlet. These kitchens are basically virtual kitchens that you can operate with a smartphone. It is also called Dark Kitchens or Ghost Kitchens.

The concept of cloud kitchens works to gain online delivery demands through applications or calls. You just need to put up a kitchen set up for cooking. Some of the examples of cloud kitchens are Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, etc.

Cloud Kitchen in USA

The market size of the Cloud Kitchen industry from 2019 to 2026 in the USA

Why should you opt for the Cloud Kitchen Concept For Food Business?

According to some stats, 67% of restaurant owners prefer their next investment in Cloud Kitchens. Cloud Kitchen has many benefits. It is very easy to start and manage a business. Some benefits are listed below:

  • It has a very low operating cost. Also, it has no real estate expenses such as restaurant space, tables, chairs etc. you just need to pay for kitchen space, cooking staff, and cooking ingredients which can be handled with low budgets too.
  • Unlike the usual restaurants these kitchens gain more business on a rainy day as nobody can step outside to dine in the restaurants, they prefer hot delicious food at their home.
  • Expanding your business is so easy as it needs no huge space to set up the mains.
  • They are super speedy to set up, unlike the basic restaurants that take a very long time to set up and organize.
  • Cloud kitchens need less manpower to operate so it cuts the labor costs automatically. You do not need waiters etc to work at your restaurant.

Some limitations of Cloud Kitchens


But with great advantages, these kitchens have some limitations too and that is why cloud kitchen business fail? These limitations are listed below:

  • These kinds of kitchens limit your customer varieties as it only works with technology.
  • You have to depend on delivery applications like Swiggy etc to work more successfully. 
  • Only delivery apps on the customers you do not. Because through those apps you are getting the consumers.
  • Since it is a success-gaining industry, there is a lot of competition out there in this industry business. Most people want to start their own cloud kitchen service as it has so much demand.

However, it has more advantages than disadvantages. So I recommend you adopt this business concept if you are looking forward to it.


In conclusion, we can say that the Cloud Kitchen concept is gaining huge success and increasing its demand over the last few years. It has many pros than cons.

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It is an ideal concept to opt for. These days because of the pandemic situation Cloud Kitchens are gaining more attention and will become one of the most profitable industries by the year 2022.

If you are willing to go into the food business, I would recommend you to start up a Cloud Kitchen business to be successful in the coming years.


What is the Future of Cloud Kitchen in 2021?

Cloud Kitchen is a big part of the following trending technology designed for the food industry. It is also known as a virtual kitchen and ghost kitchen. You must be listening about this term for the first time, but you must not know that we all have taken advantage of this technology like a thousand times in a year. And that is why the future of Cloud Kitchen is a must to talk about. 

Remember the fear of covid 19 lockdown phase where we were stuck inside our home, some with family, and many people had to survive alone. At that time, we all missed food because that is a necessity for all of us. And we missed having a bite of our favorite pizza or any exotic cuisine. However, gladly, our food soul got saved by online food delivery apps (Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, etc.)

Cloud kitchen

How does Cloud Kitchen work?

Have you ever visited Zomato or a Zomata cafe or seen any UberEats outlet? No, because these are not the restaurants. These are the virtual kitchen mobile application that acts as a third-party member for customers and brands. 

  • There are no seating arrangements or no physical stores to entertain customers.
  • The concept is to gain online delivery demands through an online platform, apps, or calls.
  • Therefore, kitchen setup is necessary for cooking, and multiple food brands share the space together.
  • You must have a well-designed online cuisine menu to attract customers.
  • Rest, application or 3rd party mobile application helps to make the payments smoothly.



Who works at Cloud Kitchen?

As it is a leased place for food companies, so they operate the workstation. Besides, it has no seating arrangements that require less manpower. However, only cooks and managers work to confirm the order, deliver the parcel, and receive the payments. That’s how this new tech-based kitchen works. 

Is Cloud Kitchen a successful business model?

There are approximately 5.33 billion smartphone users in the world, including teens and adults. Besides, covid 19 has changed people’s living behavior, and in our day-to-day busy life, we prefer to cut-down waitings and standing in a long queue. Therefore, a ghost kitchen or virtual structure of a kitchen is the most feasible option for a new generation.

Cloud kitchen

Here are some successful case study of cloud kitchen during covid 19:

  • Swiggy has successfully increased its order value by 80-85 percent.
  • In a Statista survey of 2020, there was an increase in 70% of consumers ordering food online. 
  • Freshmenu
  • Swiggy Access model
  • Zomato Infrastructure Services business model
  • The Kitopi business model 
  • Faasos was the first cloud kitchen in India.
  • New face of F&B in 2020

How Cloud kitchen became popular?

Pre Coivd 19, very few people were interesting and trusted online food delivery services. The outbreak of coronavirus has shaped the food industry as food is a basic necessity of our life that implies regular food purchase. 

  • It is convenient, acceptable, and transparent.
  • It helps to maintain the covid 19 safety guidelines. 
  • Plus, having a whole menu on your phone screen makes it easier to decide as compared to standing in front of the subway order counter. 
  • Besides, it saves time and energy, and travel costs as well. 
  • You can track your order timing on your phone with details and everything.
  • As it is a tech-based facility that way, you can grab the ongoing deals and offers on food. 

Indeed, technology has never failed to amaze us. And in crucial times of covid19, it helps to keep us alive and happy.

However, good things always come with some bad things. So, wait for the next blog to know more about the cloud kitchen business model. 



New Trending Technology for Healthcare Management in 2021

Why do we need to talk about technology involvement in healthcare management? Because technology has become a backbone of development in every way of the nation. The outbreak of coronavirus in 2019 enhances the innovation of upcoming trending technology for health care purposes. 

Let’s have a look at the most advanced technologies introduced in 2021 to maintaining healthcare management.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

I believe you must be reading these terms for the first time. However, the list would be incomplete if we are not talking about these two important trending technology in healthcare management. 

According to The Health Resources Services Administration, Telehealth is an amalgamation of technology and healthcare services through digital platforms in order to provide long-distance healthcare facilities. Such as electronic information, telecommunication, virtual conference, wifi, or more. Besides, WHO added more to this, by stating telehealth performs the role of surveillance, health promotion, and public health functions as well.

Health Trending technology

Interestingly, telehealth was first invented in the early 1960s in a form of Telemedicine for psychiatric consultation. However, in today’s technology-driven world, telehealth has broadened its wings like public health or physical health to fulfill the requirements during covid 19. 

Moreover, 60% of people prefer digitally-led services because they are quick, accountable, and transparent for the records. For instance, mobile application intervention for the use of booking appointments, medical checkups, and most popularly, “Arogya Sethu App” in India.

On the other side, Telemedicine is a separate root of the Telehealth branch. And it gains more attention with 24% addition of telemedicine services in hospitals due to covid 19 and health facilities crises. Telemedicine promotes clinical services where patients and doctor/healthcare providers can connect over a call or a video call, and virtual facilities are also coming as a new trending technology for healthcare management in 2021. Thus these processes are hassle-free, saves time, and maintains the guidelines of covid 19. 

Hence, it is easy to say that intervening technology with health care facilities are going to boon the tech and medical industry. Because the study of Forrester claims telehealth is going to achieve billion visitors with $ 113.1 billion by 2025 (Global telemedicine market). 

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

You can’t avoid the internet amid the technology conversation because it is like a fuel of many technological digital devices. Therefore, IoMT emerged as it combines internet (IoT) involvement and the telehealth industry. 

Health Trending technology

IoMT major products are related to wearable devices such as ECG, blood pressure check, glucose level, oximeter, health wristbands, and more. These devices have made a person’s life easy, and within a few minutes, you can track your health status by sitting at your home. Moreover, IoMT has contributed 30% in the market during the pandemic, which is going to boom with $136 billion by 2021.

Robotic surgery

It means that robots will be playing the role of assistance while doing medical surgery. It can only be possible with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning technology. However, there is no such evidence of robots performing surgery, but in the research of Dr. Google, he claimed that surgery with robots is easy to do in today’s era with the trending technology. 

Trendy technology

Besides, it will be the master move for every industry. For instance, job opportunities will increase, and the education sector will be strengthened. Therefore, it is going to support the nation’s development holistically. 


It is one of the most advanced and trending technologies in the medical field. 3D-printers utilize for surgery purposes where implants and joints can be printed according to the dimension of a patient. These prints from a 3D printer can be compatible, adaptable with natural anatomy. Besides, this device helps to customize and modify the alignments and size for different purposes. 

Health trending technology

According to the experts, this print can create both temporary (soluble) or long-lasting objects. For example, an eye-wash ball, and you can have a printed pill as well. 

However, there are limited studies related to advantages and disadvantages. But, indeed this technology is going to get more popularity in coming years. 

Smart Pacemaker

trending technology

A pacemaker device is an old and common medical technology to regulate and control the heartbeat. It is a small device placed inside the chest, and over a million patients use the device, especially the elderly population. Now, the pacemaker can be smart with an advanced technology trend connected via Bluetooth on your smartphone. With this, a patient can easily monitor the heart’s functions by looking at the screen of their phones.


Summing up all the above details, I believe technology is a significant part of an individual level to a nation’s development. Recall the pandemic situation, and the whole world felt the lack of healthcare services; however, thanks to our technical experts and scientists, they were able to adapt to new and trending technology. Also, there are many more advanced technological devices related to health, but these are the major prime ones. 






Top 5 Trending Technologies in 2021 

Technology has become an inseparable part of our life. Who would have imagined that people will prefer to check their mobile notification the moment they open their eyes in the morning. Yes, it has become a new norm to “sleep with a phone.”

But we can’t blame the game of trending technology as we all know how much easier our life has become. Not even smartphones, but having advanced and upgraded technology makes you smarter. 

Keeping phone addiction aside, big shark companies welcome advanced technology to boon their services and gain profits. But, as of the outbreak of covid19, things have changed and made our life dependent on digital platforms, and we got to introduce to “virtual classes/events,” “remote work,” or online medicine shopping.” 

Therefore, in this article, we have listed an incredible trending technology in 2021. 

1.IoT (Internet of things)

Internet is a blessing for all of us, and wifi is like the soul of your smartphone, which seems dead if your wifi connectivity gets disrupted. IoT is not a new technology, but it promises to grow much higher in the coming years. 

IoT is a simple trending technology that connects devices, digital machines, objects, or even people through the internet. Google Map, smartwatches, Alexa, laptops, smart AC and TV, a video doorbell, etc., are examples of IoT. However, new products are coming to make your life aeries such as a smart car or more. 

According to Nikita Duggal’s research, people will be shifted completed on the digital platform by 2030 by adding 50 billion users. This advanced technology trend is mandatory for home and business purposes to maintain safety and privacy and enhance work efficiency. 

Trending technology

2. Machine Learning (ML) 

ML is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and AI is not a new term for all of us. Machine learning is considered one of the trending technologies in 2021. However, many of us are not aware of ML technology, but we adore and are impressed with its implementation, such as banking, entertainment, self-driving cars, and healthcare facilities. Forbes report revealed that AI and ML initiatives have increased by 64% in the last twelve months.

Trending technology

These are the innovation introduced with ML in our day to day life:

Image Recognition: We all have been through this regarding safety purposes, such as while opening a bank account or setting a face lock on your smartphone. However, it is not the only usages of Image recognition; big companies are applying it for data maintenance.

Speech Recognition: It is majorly related to voice searches on our phone or talking to Alexa or Siri. 

Learning associations: You might have experienced this while searching for a product online, and Google started to show similar products on your social media ads or almost every possible site. So, that is done with the help of machine learning that takes the data, learns your need, and shows you the best results. 

There are several technological advancements through machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Therefore, the forecast of MarketsandMarkets estimated the AI market would reach USD 190.61 billion by 2025, which included virtual assistance and cloud-based applications. 

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)


You must all remember the famous game name “Pokemon Go.” That game become popular overnight because of its advanced trending technology of AR. Remer, the game has a unique feature to find pokemon over a real and animated image/cartoon that appears to capture them. That technology is called Augment Reality. 

On the other side, VR was initially used for a game like PUBG or GTA, etc., but with time, it started using for events and school classes during lockdown due to covid19. VR is more prominent than AR because it has more exposure to interaction and uses for training and academic purposes. 

4. Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)

It may be a new term for you; however, BI’s practice has been the same throughout the year. But, technologies keep changing with the needs and taking the business forward. Similarly, in this list of trending technologies in 2021, BI plays an important role after covid 19 losses. 

BI is an ongoing process that helps companies to make factual decisions on the basis of data and prediction. Therefore, it combines various roles, including knowledge management, data storage and gathering, data analyses, monitoring, and evaluation. 

And to perform these tasks, trending technologies like Power BI, Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI), Tableau, IoT, and many more tools are already exist. 

5. Cybersecurity

Trending Technology

Cybersecurity is not a new trend, but it is increasing due to the establishment of digital platforms everywhere. Considering the cruising of covid 19, everyone, including non-tech lovers, had to attend online classes. However, it is not an online concern, but it is about a person’s privacy and safety concerns. 

According to the recent study of Statista, 80% Indian population and 61% USA population have registered the highest cybercrime cases as of December 2019. Therefore, in coming years, opportunity in cybersecurity is going to spike much faster. 

Social media influencers face daily threats and fake calls due to that cybersecurity come to rescue their life. If you see your future goal in cybersecurity as your career, you must look at these preferable job roles for trending technologies. 

  • Ethical hacker
  • Security engineer
  • Chief security officer


Technology has become an important part of our life, and we know that. However, as time is changing and competition is becoming vast, trending technology plays a game-changing role. These are the most recent technology booming in coming years, and if you are planning to pursue in technician field, then take a look and discuss with an expert because technology is never-ending.