How does the oxygen concentrator work? :  A new Health Technology in 2021

During these difficult times where we are facing many problems along with the pandemic, oxygen became more important than it was before because of the shortage of it in our country. Many people lost their lives due to the shortage of oxygen in hospitals during Covid 19 period.

Thus there is one more way to increase oxygen in your home which is oxygen concentrators. With the help of advanced and fast health technology, companies are manufacturing oxygen concentrators to battle the need for oxygen. 

What is an oxygen concentrator?

The oxygen concentrator is a health technology device that belongs to the medical field. It centralizes the oxygen from the surrounding air. The atmospheric air contains 78% of the nitrogen gas and 21% of oxygen gas with 1% other gases.

It is the best option for oxygen therapy at home for patients isolated in their houses due to the shortage of oxygen in hospitals. It is slightly bigger than a monitor of computer and fits in a home perfectly.

The demand for oxygen concentrators is increasing rapidly due to the ongoing situation happening in India with the scarcity of oxygen in hospitals. You get respiratory distress when your blood saturation level drops down to 94% or less. 

This condition requires hospitalization but due to the pandemic, there is a shortage of beds and oxygen supply in hospitals. In this situation, the concentrators are very helpful in-home treatment. 

oxygen concentrator work

How does the oxygen concentrator work?

The concentrator is made up of a compressor and a sieve bed filter. And the former centralizes the oxygen from the atmospheric air and makes it deliverable by adjusting the pressure. 

The sieve bed separates the nitrogen with the help of the material called Zeolite in it. In short, the oxygen concentrator takes in the air, filters it with the help of a sieve bed then emancipates the nitrogen back in the air then works on the oxygen left filtered.

This filtered oxygen released from the cannula is 90 to 95 percent pure. According to a WHO report, these concentrators are designed for non-stop operations and can produce oxygen 24/7 for at least 5 continuous years.

Where oxygen concentrators are available?

Oxygen concentrators are now being used at these places:

  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Nursing homes

Precautions to handle oxygen concentrator

To use the oxygen concentrator without any complication or damage you need to take some precautions as with any device. Here are some tips to maintain the concentrators properly to prevent any further damage:

  • Keep them away from flames or fires.
  • Use precaution when taking a shower or bathing.
  • Maintain a safe distance from pools and other places that includes water as it can be damaged from water.
  • Keep observing the weather outside to prevent it from getting wet by the rain.
  • Do not smoke near the concentrator.
  • Try not to use any aerosol products such as, hairsprays, fresheners etc.
  • Perfectly store your concentrator while you are not at home.
  • Do not block the intake vents.

How to use oxygen concentrators?

You need to follow the following steps in order to install the concentrator properly:

  • Put the machine 1 to 2 feet from the wall and furniture
  • Connect the humidification bottle (if prescribed any)
  • Attach the oxygen tube to the humidification bottle or the adapter
  • Make sure the air filter is in place

Follow below steps to get started:

  • Start the concentrator 15 to 20 minutes prior to using it
  • Plug it in the electricity outlet
  • Switch on the power button located on the machine
  • Listen to the alarm which tells that it is now working

How to adjust oxygen flow rate:

  • Find the liter control knob located on the machine.
  • Turn the knob to your prescribed number

Putting on the mask or the cannula:

  • Check the tube for any bends
  • Put the mask over your face to get lower oxygen levels
  • Place the nasal cannula into the nostrils to get high oxygen levels
  • Breather through the mask or the cannula
  • Switch off the machine when not in use.

Oxygen concentrators are getting more demanding day by day due to the oxygen scarcity and lack of hospital services. It is very convenient and easy to use at home. They are getting used in several places, at home, hospitals, and nursing homes to give patients the proper amount of oxygen they need.

Talk to the dealers if you want to set up one in your home too.

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