How to overcome Anxiety during the second wave of COVID-19?


Covid has given us such a hard time since it started. We went through a lot of difficulties in the past year. We faced the sudden lockdown, work from home, sudden unemployment, business loss, salary deduction, and most of all the new Anxiety of getting Coronavirus. Thus, we all should know how to overcome anxiety during the second wave of covid 19.

The virus Anxiety got into our mind more dangerous than the virus itself. It was so hard to get through the year 2020. And now with the second wave of the virus, we would probably face the same things again, not that I want this but let’s face the truth due to the increasing number of cases across the globe it could happen again.

If things would go back to how they were in the year 2020 we have to be prepared this time for all the anxiety coming our way. So I gathered some tips for you guys to overcome your covid anxiety and be prepared for whatever comes in your way:

Tips to cope up with covid second wave:

  • Get your medication: It’s very important nowadays to take medicines instantly and thanks to online pharmacies for their fast delivery services. If you feel that you are having a minor symptom then you need to take it down by taking medicine appropriate for the same.
  • Do meditation: Your body needs proper relaxation too. So you should meditate if you are feeling any anxiety. Meditation helps the body release negativity and gain positivity through nature.
  • Connect with your loved ones: If you are feeling low and anxious try to talk with somebody close to you like parents, siblings, or friends. It will help you to release your negativity by talking about it. Call your friends and talk to them about your feelings and let them into your life happenings.
  • Chill out! Binge watch: Well I think that watching your favorite shows is the best therapy for every bad feeling. When you start watching your preferred shows you forget all the other things in your life. So just chill out! and go binge Netflix or whatever app you prefer.
  • Get proper sleep: Nap is a very important part of our life cycle. You need to take proper sleep to feel fresh full day. You feel so dizzy and demotivated when you don’t get a proper amount of sleep in a day. It also keeps your anxiety level normal.
  • Go to a therapist: If you feel uncomfortable talking with your family, then you can go to a therapist and share your feelings with them. They consult you with great advice and proper secrecy.

Tips to cope up with covid second wave:


So, if you are having the same feeling because of the coronavirus, you should try these tips out for the betterment of your mental health. I’m no therapist or doctor but from my personal experience, I definitely think these will help you so much.

So, that was it. I hope it was useful to you. As I said in the above lines, coronavirus anxiety got into our heads more dangerous than the virus itself.

We should get prepared for the upcoming circumstances.  And we would not do the same mistake once again. Thus, we have to fight back this time and make our anxiety lose the battle over our mental health.

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