Do not ignore the Covid-19 Second Wave symptoms and follow these things

Coronavirus got into our minds so permanently. We cannot live a day without thinking about it, thanks to the media and news channels. We have to deal with its anxiety and depression. Coronavirus is giving humans a hard time since it started. 

As now the virus got back into our lives again we are ignoring the symptoms and not taking any precautions which are wrong. We now take it so lightly that we are not wearing our masks or using sanitizers. But we need to not ignore any minor to minor symptom these days, that can be so dangerous to do.

Take it from my personal experience I also have felt the same way. If I ever get a minor symptom, say cold I get anxiety of getting the covid 19 symptoms. Then because of the anxiety I got a fever, another symptom. So whenever I felt sick I took precautions. I did my medications properly until I felt healthy again.

Covid 19 symptoms include cold, mild fever, throat ache, body pain, difficulty in breathing etc. if you feel any of these symptoms don’t ignore them. These can become a serious issue ahead. If you are having any of these, take proper medicine or consult your doctor about your condition.

When I got these symptoms I ignored them just like the others. At first I started to feel body ache, then I got a minor cold and a little bit of a cough. I skipped my work some days because of my unhealthiness. Then these symptoms developed into bigger ones.

Human coronavirus

So I quarantined myself away from everybody for the sake of everybody and myself. It was difficult to stay away from my family but I had to do this. I could not risk their lives for anything of course.

When I was quarantined I took precautions and got better. Here are a list of things you should do to prevent your symptoms:

Precautions you must take:

  • Wear a mask: Always wear a mask when you are going outside. Wearing a mask can protect you from the infected person.
  • Use sanitizers: Sanitize everything before you use it. When you go outside take a small bottle of it with you and sanitize first before you touch anything.
  • Take proper medication: If you are feeling any kind of symptoms take medicine. Any antibiotic will recover you from the symptom.
  • Take steam: Steam is the best way to clean your throat and nose. Use vaporizers to take steam; they are easy to use and accessible anywhere.
  • Take proper rest: If you are feeling unwell, do not ignore the dizziness. Take a break from your daily routine and take some rest.
  • Keep distance: Keep at least a distance of 2 feet from everyone outside to prevent having direct contact with someone.
  • Drink decoction (kadha): Kadha is the best and old way of treating different kinds of disease. It is an old remedy. It helps clean your throat and your body system.



If you are having any type of covid 19 symptom of a second wave just do not ignore it or else you are putting everyone’s life in danger. By not taking any precautions you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Follow the above precautions to prevent the symptoms of having the covid 19.

I hope you will take my advice and follow these steps. This will definitely help you.

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