How to manage Coronaphobia in 2021?: Explained with essential covid19 products!

Things are finally getting back to normal, and we have to get rid of our dwell to work a thousand percent harder than last year. However, coronaphobia is a new psychological disorder that emerged due to an outbreak of death cases in 2020. 

News related to suicide and self-harm due to Coronaphobia

During the first month of the covid 19 outbreak, many societal events took place in different countries and regions of the country. For instance, the first suicide event in Bangladesh, India on March 25, 2020, grabbed the media’s attention where a man of 36 years old killed himself just due to fear of getting covid symptoms and if he could infect the whole village. On the other side, a social scientist claimed that fear is not only due to the symptoms but also because of xenophobia in the village and lack of medical services available. 

After that event, newspapers and channels flooded with suicidal news due to coronaphobia. And here are some glimpses of them:

covid 19 suicide

covid 19 suicide

covid 19 suicideApart from India, many other countries are suffering from stress and anxiety amid pandemic. According to the study of Thakur V, Jain A (2020), more than 50% of medical staff in British hospitals are suffering from mental sickness because frontline workers are more in contact with covid 19 patients and deal with them.

We have already entered in 2021 and doctors and scientists are working on covid 19 vaccination because there is no real proof yet. According to the WHO report, there are more than 50 conditionals of covid 19 trials and waiting for relevant outcomes. Simultaneously our doctors and scientists, public health experts and governments are constantly working day and night to strengthen COVAX facilities (led by WHO, GAVI and CEPI).

Although many people are eagerly waiting for successful vaccine news to reduce their covid19 fear. However, the good news is not coming soon until you can have these essential covid 19 products to reduce coronaphobia. And those will act as your weapon against the disease. 

These are essential covid 19 products for Coronaphobia:

We have listed a few more important and must-have products that you can carry in your pocket or purse while traveling or going out of your home. Because now going-out is safe with these items:

1.Face Mask

covid 19 products

Do not be “aha, I know this already” because many people take it lightly, but it is one of the most important things to carry. Wearing a mask is mandatory because it protects you from inhaling the germs from the air or surface. The mask is available in multiple materials and ranges that make it easy for everyone to buy and use. 

2. Mini Pocket Hand Sanitizer

covid 19 products

People with corona phobia have a higher level of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or anxiety level to be susceptible to the virus from anywhere and anyone. Hence, sanitizer plays an important role while traveling, or at the workplace as well. It is available in many forms like spray, gets, or foam. You can buy a pocket sanitizer from any suitable brand or company whichever you prefer. But make sure it is non-alcohol or contains less alcoholic properties because using it in more quantity may end up consuming alcohol. 

3. Infrared Thermometer

covid 19 products

You must have seen this small device while entering a big mall, movie theatres, or public transport. It helps to check body temperature instantly without waiting for a minute like in a thermometer. As we know, a body temporary like high fever is one of the symptoms of covid19. Thus, you must carry this device because you can check your colleagues or friends temporarily whenever required. 

4. Fingertip Oximeter

Fingertip Oximeter

Slow breathing is another complicated symptom as measured by WHO. Besides, this device comes in a very small portable size which is easy to carry anywhere. And if you feel any symptoms in your body, you can take the device out from your bag and check immediately. 

5. Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

If you are not a sanitizer-friendly person, then disposable gloves are the best option for you. You can use it once and throw in the dustbin after using it a day. It helps to protect you from coronavirus germs.

These are the “must-have” products for those who are afraid to go out for work or social events. However, there are many more covid products available in the market that you can carry with medicine as well.


Coronaphobia is a psychological problem that needs medical treatment and non-medical provisions. For instance, mental rehabilitation centers, on-call consultations, 24×7 therapy or counseling services, and proper treatment from a psychologist. However, if you believe in yourself coping with the phobia by using these products, grab them as soon as you can get because 2021 can not wait to get the things normal like before. 


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