How to manage Coronaphobia while Traveling in 2021?

If you keep yourself updated from ongoing surroundings through news channels and newspapers, you must be aware that coronavirus cases are rising for the past few days. And government officials have announced to-stay-at-home despite lockdown phases are going to hit the world again. No doubt coronaphobia is more dangerous than coronavirus.

Although it is also true that we can’t hold our life for one more year, therefore, it is important for you to understand and manage the fear of coronavirus (Coronaphobia) while traveling for work or family events, or vacations.

Understanding coronaphobia

Coronaphobia is a state of mind that affects your mental health, physical and financial health as well. Hence, it is important to treat coronaphobia because its symptoms can be worse and put a full stop to your life. 

By looking at the image below, it is assumable that fear of coronavirus is common because it has been reinforcing by these factors:

  • Physiological
  • Cognitive
  • Behavioral



Cognitive factors: It plays a major role in managing coronaphobia and due to lockdown, shifting to a virtual platform and constantly worrying about the study, and accepting the “new normal” triggers the mind. And apparently, a person feels sad, guilty, and depressed.

Physiological factor: Once your mind constantly feels anxiety, that leads to further physiological disorders such as auto-immune diseases like diabetes, tumor, migraine, etc. Hence, considering the treatment of psychological diseases increases the risk of coronaphobia.

Behavioral factor: Behavioural factors implies how you perceive the situation and act accordingly. Similarly, people during covid 19 manages things differently such as lifestyle, eating behavior, behavior while socialization, or while traveling or more. Hence, people with extraordinary safety and precautions remind their own brain that the environment is not safe, and they need to practice safety measures daily. 

What are the common coronavirus anxiety symptoms?

According to Una McCann, MD, psychiatry professor of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and director of its Anxiety Disorders Program, states that “anxiety is normal, and consider as a healthy reaction to dangerous things.” Besides, according to her, it can happen to anyone at any time duration and any level. Some people can control their anxiety levels, however, many develop with time. 


These are the common anxiety symptoms:

  • The feeling of nervousness and restlessness
  • Being stressed
  • Or constant worrying
  • upset stomach or no hunger
  • Sleepless nights 
  • Lack of motivation and concentration

To manage covid 19 anxiety, first, you need to understand if you have covid 19 anxiety or not.

  • Coronaphobia can happen to anyone if you diagnose covid 19 symptoms or not. 
  • Therefore, you may regressive and particular about your sitting, sleeping, eating areas, and you prefer to keep your environment clean.
  • Besides, you like to wash your hands in every 10-15 minutes, or you constantly feel dirty that you might want to take a bath twice or thrice a day
  • Also, whenever you go alone for a morning walk or anywhere, you still prefer to wear gloves, masks, face cover, or a PPE kit as well. That indicates your concern and obsession to protect yourself at any cost.
  • Lastly, you always feel sick on your single sneeze.

How to stop worrying about covid-19 while traveling?

Traveling is an essential part of our life, and you can’t ignore traveling, either going for work or moving from cities to cities. Thus these are some important tips to reduce your anxiety symptoms while traveling.

  • Traveling must be memorable and enjoyable; thus, make sure you have a nice playlist or a collection of web series to watch while tracking via plane, train, or any public transport.
  • Also, try to carry vitamin C tablets and citrus fruits with you because it helps in the metabolism and helps to prevent the virus.
  • You must carry sanitizer, masks, and gloves with you, which are necessary according to the government guidelines.
  • Diet plays an important role, so make sure you consume the right proportion of nutritious meals and avoid fried or junk food. 
  • Besides, try to avoid roadside food intake.
  • Also, you can engage yourself in gaming, book reading, or writing. Many people love to write while traveling. It will help you to distract from your anxiety. 
  • I believe your sleeping and eating behavior plays an important role. A disruptive sleeping pattern can be worse to make you sick.
  • I won’t say that keep yourself away from news and media, and I would rather suggest keeping yourself updated to make a wise decision.


Thus now stop freaking out about coronavirus and its anxiety symptoms. Because being anxious is healthy if you control it. Rest, you must consult a doctor or any family member in case you feel these above covid 19 anxiety symptoms. 




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