Motivational Movies on Netflix during Lockdown.

During these tough times, we always think about the negative things damages made by the coronavirus pandemic. Many business plans got failed, promotions got delayed, or market places got shut. During these gloomy days you need to sustain your motivation. So, we have listed the must watch motivational movies on netflix during lockdown.

Motivational Movies

Motivation is the best cure for a depressed person. As a result, motivational or inspirational movies can be very helpful to those who are feeling low these days because of the ongoing situation.

Interestingly, for that, we have the best platform which is- Netflix! It has the most valuable collection of very good-rated movies. It is the best option to watch motivational movies to get some motivation during these anxious periods of our lives.

There are many inspirational movies and documentaries to watch to boost your attitude and mood. Some of the best are listed below which would definitely change your mood from depression to motivation.

Queen’s Gambit

It is one of the trending Web-Series on Netflis. This story is all about a little girl’s innocence without any fear in her mind for all her adversities and terrifying situations.

The girl in this story was born and sent to an orphan and found her family in her friends. 

In a web-series ‘Queen Gambit’ represent a miserable and constant changes in her from orphan to adopation, and failed relations.

But, she had her craziest love for chess and uncontrollable addiction of Benzodizepine drugs.

The story shows the life is hard but you can fix the problems if you do not stop to struggle.

The young girl of age 20-22 years old becomes the popular chess player at the end of the show.

Indeed, this series became 2020’s best series ever with many examples of living life positively.

A little girl taking center stage in a male-dominated game while conquering her vices makes this show’s each scene worthy of view time. 


The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is relatable to almost every individual who’s faced hardships and is in deep mediocrity. 

It teaches us to be humble and aim high.

Will Smith with his son Jaden bringing flesh and soul into the character was commendable. The emotions along with the survival attributes are a sight to watch.

And the last part of the movie can spiritually move any individual. It teaches us many lessons about life like how to be successful with humbleness along.


The Founder

The story is about the backstory of Mc Donald’s life and his struggle. We all love Mc Donald’s burger and no one can replace the aroma coming from every Mc Donald’s outlet.

Motivational movie on Netflix

But you may get surprised to know the story of Mc Donald.

It is about how he struggled in his life and built this huge food chain. It inspires us to never give up and do everything to make it work.

Success will come to you if you don’t give up hope.

Ray Kroc had a personality to admire for what he saw and how he pursued his dream to become rich and the on the way of becoming successful you have to take risks we can learn a lot from him.

A movie to watch and learn from is how talented people can often get behind and the real key is persistence and hard work.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.


A Beautiful Mind

MotivationThe movie is based on a true story, this is one of the few movies which bring out what a human mind is capable of.

Most of the time we do not appreciate such great minds because of their external curiosity but it takes a lot of maturities to realize that they are capable of doing great and surprising things.

And the movie has such a deep meaning if you are willing to watch it concentratedly. 



The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is such an immersive movie that really makes you feel as if you are in Shawshank prison with Andy and Red.

The friendship between them in the prison world is the main topic of the movie.

It teaches us how to never lose hope and always be positive about the happenings in our lives.

The story is such a wonderful motivation for us to watch to boost our mood.




2 Broke Girls


If you are a fan of sitcomes like FRIENDS, then this is for you.

2 Broke Girls is a TV show that represnts a two diffrent lives of 2 diffrent women and their struggles with life. 

Life is not easy, that we all know. But only few people known how to build a business out of your talent.

The show may helps you to realise that you have a lot of opportunites to grab rather crying on something you lost. 



Depression can get its way to our minds anytime. It is not unusual to anybody. But motivating yourself is a great thing to do when you are depressed.

These movies and documentaries are available on Netflix will give you a good motivation and inspiration about life and achieving your goals, that you would definitely feel about doing something great in your life and become a successful person.

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