If you are the one who watches News every day then you must be curious to know why covid-19 cases are increasing in India this year. No doubt, we all were shocked to see the situation outside of the hospitals. 


COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus is a disease, which came from Wuhan, China, and infected many people, and also outspread all over the world. It started at the end of the year 2019 and still continues. 

When the disease started most of the countries announced lockdowns for months. And covid 19 came with anxiety and phobia i.e. coronaphobia. 

At the time of starting this virus, all over the world was infected, but the UK, United States of America, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. were the countries were affected very badly by the virus. 

India was also infected with this virus. In India, our Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi, announced a lockdown in March 2020. 

The first lockdown started in India on 25th March 2020 for 21 days, and the same was extended also for 3 months.  

When 2021 starts, no one expected for COVID-19 return, but as we all know the second wave of Coronavirus hit us again and this time it is deadlier than the previous one. 

In this, counting of deaths is increased, there are no oxygens in the hospitals, counting of infected people increases speedily. 

covid 19 india

Stats of covid 19 cases in India

In India 1,76,36,207 are the total cases till now. Against the total cases, 1,45,56,209 are already recovered and 1.97.894 deaths. 

Most of the active cases are from Maharashtra with 43,43,727 total cases and the least cases are from Lakshadweep with 2,247 total cases.

Reasons for increasing Covid 19 cases in India:

There are many reasons for increasing Corona cases in India, some of them are as follows: 

  • Protocol Exhaustion: As we all know, in the starting of lockdown in March 2020, there are many rules made for safety, like wearing masks, using sanitizers, social distancing, and taking the lockdown seriously. But now, when the second wave is started, no one takes this situation seriously. 
  • Public Gathering: There are many gatherings, where no one takes precautions. Like, Rally for elections, Festivals, Marriage, etc. In these gatherings, no one takes precautions for safety from this deadliest virus, there is no social distancing, no one wears masks properly.
  • On-going Election rallies: This is one of the major reasons behind violation of rules.
  • Population: Population is also the main reason for increasing cases. India ranks second highest position with the highest number of population. Countries with Cities, which have more population, have changes to increase numbers in cases because population gives more opportunity to spread from one person to another. This is the reason why cities like, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. are affected more than others.
  • Inadequate healthcare services: India was never prepared to fight any of such pandemic due to its highest population rate. Low quality of medical services and high cost of medicines have always been a hindrance to development. And today, we are bearing the cost.
  • More Testing: Testing of Coronavirus increased in India, this is also the reason for increasing cases. In the first wave of COVID-19, people were frightened for testing as there is no cure for this. But now there are vaccines available for this virus that’s why most people go for testing if there are any symptoms.

This new wave of Coronavirus in India is very harmful to everyone. Situations in Hospitals are not good, there is a lack of oxygen, beds are not available for patients. 

The only way to do that is to enhance the vaccination, maintain social distancing and follow the rules of lockdown.

But if we don’t follow the rules the virus will make its way to our home and we certainly would not want that.

So stay healthy, stay safe and follow the precautions and the instructions of the government because they are working for us and we should contribute too.

Best Netflix shows to binge-watch during lockdown

Mobile phones, the Internet, applications, social media, are the essential things in the modern world that we can not live without. These facilities entertain us on another level. Netflix is one of them. 

Netflix is an app where you can watch thousands of movies and series from all over the world. It is a very popular platform in the world to binge-watch Netflix shows from different countries.

As the pandemic is going on and with it the isolation and lockdown, Netflix has so many shows that we can binge-watch anytime anywhere. I myself am addicted to the Netflix series. Trust me it has the best collection of shows and movies according to our taste.

There are shows with horror stories, suspenseful stories, even the funniest ones. I have listed some of my favorite and award-winning shows to binge-watch during lockdown which will never let you feel bored and I am sorry you will get addicted to it too.

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We shall start with the funniest show I have ever seen. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is an American sitcom that first aired in the year 1994 and ended 10 years long with 10 seasons.

It is a story about six friends who live in New York City. It has a very funny story background. You would not get bored once you started watching it. I definitely recommend this one before anything.

Friends Netflix show

  • The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a fictional show about vampires. It has drama, action, suspense, and whatnot. It is based on the book with the same name written by L.J. Smith and J.L. Miller.

The Story tells about a girl named Elena Gilbert who lives in a fictional town, Mystic Falls, who falls in love with the 150-year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore. It is a very interesting story. I recommend it to you to go and watch all of the 8 seasons.

vampire diaries

  • The Originals

If we are talking about Netflix’s series we cannot miss the most popular CW show The Originals. It is a spinoff for The Vampire Diaries. It was created because of the fans’ demands. Besides, it has TVD’s villain in the main lead Klaus Mikaelson who is a 1000 years old vampire.

Lastly, it is the most popular show that CW ever aired. It is loved by many people because the storyline is very interesting and will keep you stuck in your place.

Netflix show

  • Money Heist

Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel is a show which everyone has been talking about ever since it originally aired on Netflix and with the release of its latest.

Money Heist is one of the best series to start watching as one wouldn’t just get addicted to it but would also fall in love with all the individual characters due to their rock-solid performances.

The show is originally in the Spanish language but it is available in English with supportive subtitles on Netflix and has been trending at the No. 1 position on the platform for a very long time.

Talking about the main character Professor, he is the mastermind of the plan and organizes the plan so finely. He falls in love with the inspector. Also, he planned everything so precisely that ultimately won overall bad situations. And he always came up with epic twists every time when needed.

Money heist

  • Stranger Things

This was a wonderful TV show and I would highly recommend it to anyone out there that doesn’t know what to watch.

Personally, I loved it. I hope you enjoy it! This is a wonderful sci-fi series. The cast and the effects are phenomenal. The cast, especially Millie Bobby Brown, and the actors for Will Byers and Joyce Byers, made you feel emotion for them.

The entire show takes you to their crazy journey through the Russian underground base, Hawkins Lab, the StarCourt Mall, and also the Byers’ house.

best netlix show


Netflix is such a blessing for binge-watchers. It has such a great collection of all the genres of shows and movies, even the best. 

I hope you will watch my recommended shows. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Be home, be safe, and binge-watch Netflix.

Best smartphones for virtual work in COVID-19

Smartphones! The most convenient device to use nowadays. This is no hidden truth that smartphones changed our life on an advanced level. We cannot imagine our lives without them. Thus, in covid 19, you must know the best smartphones to buy for your virtual work, classes, or meetings.

This is a little bit funny but we can say that smartphones have become an essential part of life.

Yes, I said that. We don’t even know exactly how much these devices helped us in many ways. 

In the difficult time of the coronavirus, these little devices helped us go through that period of lockdown. 

And with the online classes and meetings, they have become more important in our school and office life too.

And in these critical times of financial problems due to lockdown and covid 19, the budgets are very low for most families.

For this reason, now we have to decide precisely which smartphone is suitable for virtual work. 

So here are some low-budget smartphones you should buy with the best results under ten to fifteen thousand rupees. We went through some most genuine sites and articles and have listed some best smartphones to buy for virtual and daily tasks, have a look!


  • This model was introduced earlier this year. It has a very fast charging time with only 38 mins to charge from 0 to 100 percent. 
  • It costs only 14,999/-
  • Comes with 64 GB of internal storage.
  • It has a very good battery life for almost 20 hours. 
  • If you are looking for smoothness on your phone this should be your choice.
  • If you are interested in this phone you can search for its features.

Smartphone and covid 19

  • POCO M3:
  • Very low budget phone only in RS. 10,999/- .
  • 64 GB internal storage plus 6 GB RAM.
  • This phone captures videos up to [email protected] Best for video experience.
  • This one has a large 6.53 IPS LCD display so you can take your classes or meetings properly with a big screen.



  • It costs you RS 12,999/- which is under 15000.
  • The phone’s internal memory is 64GB with 4GB RAM.
  • The very fast-charging system, so you will be able to charge it fast in any circumstance.
  • It has a large 6.67 inch HD display to enjoy full-screen features.
  • Its battery life is so powerful so it is very suitable for virtual work without any interruptions.

  • The phone comes at the price of RS. 12,499/- only.
  • Internal storage for this phone is 64GB and can be extended upto 512GB with the microSD card.
  • Its battery lasts almost two days with a good 5 hours plus screen on time.
  • You can trust this phone to cope up with your daily routine work.


  • OPPO A53 2020: 
  • It comes with the price of RS. 12,990/- only.
  • The phone has a large display of 6.5 inches.
  • It comes with fast charging support and a 5000mAh battery.
  • It has 15 hours of battery backup.
  • Great storage with 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM.



  • It is only for just RS.10,999/- and under budget.
  • It has 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM.
  • Suitable for smooth working.
  • It has an HD+ display and fast charging facility.

These are just a few of them, there are many more smartphones that I have not shortlisted.

virtual class smartphone


So, these were some of the best smartphones under 15000/- for your virtual work during COVID 19.

Now you have to choose among these devices which one is your preference to use for your daily online work or entertainment. It’s your choice. 

I hope you enjoyed this information and found it useful. STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY

Stimulant Medication for

ADHD Treatment at All Ages

ADHD is a very common disorder nowadays, especially in children. It can cause many complications in a child’s life such as anxiety and depression. This disorder can happen at any age, be it childhood or adulthood. Many a times, it becomes crucial to control ADHD symptoms thus many people choose to get stimulant medication for ADHD treatment.

Stimulant medication for ADHD

ADHD is a short term for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is also called ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. It is a neurological disorder.

Many reasons can cause this disorder in the child but the most common factor is genetics.

It affects how you pay attention to different kinds of tasks like listening to a conversation or attending a lecture. It can be with you lifelong.

There is no proper cure for the disorder but several medications and therapies can help improve the situation.

There are many treatments for ADHD. you have to take a combination of medical and non-medical therapies to make it effective.

However, it is up to you what you choose to take. Some people prefer medical treatment while some people choose the therapies.

Stimulant medication for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD affected persons

There are several treatments that you can go with. Here are some effective and best treatments that you should take to improve ADHD. There are two types of treatments, Medical and Non Medical treatments;

  • Medical treatment

Medical treatment includes treatment with medicines. There are two types of  medication; Stimulant and Non Stimulant.

  • Stimulant medications

Central nervous system (CNS) stimulants are the most common class of drugs prescribed for ADHD by doctors. These stimulants help increase the number of brain chemicals which are called dopamine and norepinephrine.

Interestingly, these are more recommendable medications as compared to other ADHD treatments because of the drug classification that quickly acts in the brain.

Some of the CNS stimulants are:

  • Adderall
  • Dexedrine
  • Dextrostat
  • Desoxyn
  • Focalin
  • Concerta
  • Ritalin

These medicines will definitely help improve your child’s ADHD.

  • Non-Stimulant medications

Every person has different situations of ADHD. Sometimes doctors consider Non-Stimulant medications because of the side effects of ADHD stimulant medications which we will talk about in a bit. Here are some Non-Stimulant medicines:

  • Strattera
  • Pamelor
  • Intuniv
  • Kapvay

Common side effects of Stimulant medication

The side effects of stimulants and non-stimulants are almost the same. Here are some of the side effects:

  • Headache
  • Stomach ache
  • Nervousness
  • Weight loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Non Medical treatment

As ADHD is a neurological disorder, mind related therapies can also help improve it. You can talk to your doctor about what is the best one for your case among these written below:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Parenting skills training
  • Behavioural interference for home and school

Stimulant medication for ADHD


So far, we have learned that ADHD is a neurological disorder which most often happens in children. Although it can continue to be with you in adulthood too. ADHD’s widened form is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There are two types of treatment that you can take, one is medical and the other one is non medical treatment. You need to take both kinds in order to make it effective.

Stimulants are the best and most common drugs which are prescribed by the doctors. And Adderall is a most prescribed medical treatment for ADHD among adults and children. 

But, Medication stimulants have some side effects too and that can be serious and mild as well. So, there are non stimulant medications too that you can take for the treatment of the ADHD for both adults and kids.

Some non medical therapies such as behavioral therapy, parenting skills training etc. can also help make your situation better.

So, if you or your child is having ADHD, consult your doctor about what treatments you should take and what not according to your situation.







Disclaimer: The article/blog is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician or other qualified healthcare provider’s advice with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have a medical emergency then immediately call your physician or dial 911.



Different ADHD symptoms in Adults and Children with Treatment


Did you ever feel that you are having difficulty paying attention to any task that is given to you? Do you act hyperactively towards the people? Does your impulsiveness come in your way of work? Well, you may have ADHD but you may not know the meaning of it. In this article, you will get an idea how ADHD symptoms in adults and childhood look like.

Today we have so many problems and diseases that we cannot count them properly. Even in children, we see many mind-related problems like depression, anxiety, etc. ADHD is one of them. It’s a very common and popular disorder nowadays.

What is ADHD?

The term ADHD represents Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The symptoms can happen at any age. It is the most common mental disorder in children and adults.

According to the study, it affects your behavior and your way of paying attention to different activities. It can be developed in childhood and continue through adulthood with the person having it.

Also, it can last for almost a lifetime. It can not be properly cured but some treatments can help in making the situation better for the person having it.

Besides, ADHD symptoms are most visible in childhood but they can be more developed until adulthood.

ADHD symptoms in adults

What causes ADHD neurological disorder?

The causes of ADHD are not any specific kind but some research has shown that genetics is a major cause for ADHD. Other than genetics some other reasons that cause ADHD are listed below:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Drugs
  • Brain injury
  • Alcohol use during pregnancy

Researchers are still researching other reasons that cause ADHD.

Common Symptoms of ADHD

There are three different types of ADHD symptoms that indicates that a person is having ADHD, which are:

  • Inattention: A person starts having difficulty paying attention to different kinds of tasks
  • Hyperactivity: The person starts being abnormally active or hyperactive.
  • Impulsivity: A person starts being impulsive or acts without thinking

Because of these three particular symptoms, the person starts facing these problems in their lives;

  • The person becomes careless towards their work, e.g., school work, office work or doing house chores etc.
  • People have difficulty paying attention during a lecture or any conversation etc.
  • Also, they sometimes don’t listen actively when someone speaks to them directly.
  • Moreover, they lose interest in their work while performing any task.
  • Soon they become depressed or anxious about the way they are being treated by other people.

ADHD symptoms in adults

What are the Types of ADHD (Attention/Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

There are three types of ADHD a person can have which are listed below;

  • PREDOMINANTLY INATTENTIVE: This type is categorized by difficulty in paying attention. In this type of ADHD, your child would face symptoms like not being attentive to a task given to him.
  • PREDOMINANTLY HYPERACTIVELY IMPULSIVE: This type of ADHD is not as common as the other ones. In this type, the child would not be able to sit still for a while in a place.
  • COMBINATION OF BOTH TYPES: It is the most popular one among the children. In this type, the child would have a mixture of both the types mentioned above he would be inattentive and hyperactive at the same time.

ADHD symptoms

Most common and easy Treatments of ADHD in adults and children

There is no proper cure for this disorder because it is genetic. However, some medical and non-medical treatments can help improve your situation with ADHD.

There are two types of treatment for ADHD, Medical and Non-Medical.

Some people prefer only medical treatment rather than Non-Medical, but you have to take both types of treatment to improve your ADHD. Because medical treatments are fast, quick and over-the-counter pills like CNS (Amphetamine or Adderall)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best therapy for people with ADHD. It’s because it is a mind-related therapy. It comes under a non-medical solution for ADHD.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most popular form of these treatments for people with ADHD because It doesn’t have any side effects.

Nevertheless, there are some medical treatments that involve Stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin.


If you are feeling that you or your child is having ADHD you should take it seriously. The disorder has no cure but you can improve the situation by taking treatments for it.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best and most popular one. Besides, the symptoms can be different in adults and children as well. Also, in terms of quick medical treatment stimulants or CNS works well under the supervision of the doctor. 

There are several types of symptoms of ADHD e.g. inattentive, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. In simple words, a person becomes careless, inattentive towards their work.

If you have the disorder, I recommend not ignore this and take proper treatment with medicines and therapies.


Disclaimer: The article/blog is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician or other qualified healthcare provider’s advice with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have a medical emergency then immediately call your physician or dial 911.









Do not ignore the Covid-19 Second Wave symptoms and follow these things

Coronavirus got into our minds so permanently. We cannot live a day without thinking about it, thanks to the media and news channels. We have to deal with its anxiety and depression. Coronavirus is giving humans a hard time since it started. 

As now the virus got back into our lives again we are ignoring the symptoms and not taking any precautions which are wrong. We now take it so lightly that we are not wearing our masks or using sanitizers. But we need to not ignore any minor to minor symptom these days, that can be so dangerous to do.

Take it from my personal experience I also have felt the same way. If I ever get a minor symptom, say cold I get anxiety of getting the covid 19 symptoms. Then because of the anxiety I got a fever, another symptom. So whenever I felt sick I took precautions. I did my medications properly until I felt healthy again.

Covid 19 symptoms include cold, mild fever, throat ache, body pain, difficulty in breathing etc. if you feel any of these symptoms don’t ignore them. These can become a serious issue ahead. If you are having any of these, take proper medicine or consult your doctor about your condition.

When I got these symptoms I ignored them just like the others. At first I started to feel body ache, then I got a minor cold and a little bit of a cough. I skipped my work some days because of my unhealthiness. Then these symptoms developed into bigger ones.

Human coronavirus

So I quarantined myself away from everybody for the sake of everybody and myself. It was difficult to stay away from my family but I had to do this. I could not risk their lives for anything of course.

When I was quarantined I took precautions and got better. Here are a list of things you should do to prevent your symptoms:

Precautions you must take:

  • Wear a mask: Always wear a mask when you are going outside. Wearing a mask can protect you from the infected person.
  • Use sanitizers: Sanitize everything before you use it. When you go outside take a small bottle of it with you and sanitize first before you touch anything.
  • Take proper medication: If you are feeling any kind of symptoms take medicine. Any antibiotic will recover you from the symptom.
  • Take steam: Steam is the best way to clean your throat and nose. Use vaporizers to take steam; they are easy to use and accessible anywhere.
  • Take proper rest: If you are feeling unwell, do not ignore the dizziness. Take a break from your daily routine and take some rest.
  • Keep distance: Keep at least a distance of 2 feet from everyone outside to prevent having direct contact with someone.
  • Drink decoction (kadha): Kadha is the best and old way of treating different kinds of disease. It is an old remedy. It helps clean your throat and your body system.



If you are having any type of covid 19 symptom of a second wave just do not ignore it or else you are putting everyone’s life in danger. By not taking any precautions you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Follow the above precautions to prevent the symptoms of having the covid 19.

I hope you will take my advice and follow these steps. This will definitely help you.

How to overcome Anxiety during the second wave of COVID-19?


Covid has given us such a hard time since it started. We went through a lot of difficulties in the past year. We faced the sudden lockdown, work from home, sudden unemployment, business loss, salary deduction, and most of all the new Anxiety of getting Coronavirus. Thus, we all should know how to overcome anxiety during the second wave of covid 19.

The virus Anxiety got into our mind more dangerous than the virus itself. It was so hard to get through the year 2020. And now with the second wave of the virus, we would probably face the same things again, not that I want this but let’s face the truth due to the increasing number of cases across the globe it could happen again.

If things would go back to how they were in the year 2020 we have to be prepared this time for all the anxiety coming our way. So I gathered some tips for you guys to overcome your covid anxiety and be prepared for whatever comes in your way:

Tips to cope up with covid second wave:

  • Get your medication: It’s very important nowadays to take medicines instantly and thanks to online pharmacies for their fast delivery services. If you feel that you are having a minor symptom then you need to take it down by taking medicine appropriate for the same.
  • Do meditation: Your body needs proper relaxation too. So you should meditate if you are feeling any anxiety. Meditation helps the body release negativity and gain positivity through nature.
  • Connect with your loved ones: If you are feeling low and anxious try to talk with somebody close to you like parents, siblings, or friends. It will help you to release your negativity by talking about it. Call your friends and talk to them about your feelings and let them into your life happenings.
  • Chill out! Binge watch: Well I think that watching your favorite shows is the best therapy for every bad feeling. When you start watching your preferred shows you forget all the other things in your life. So just chill out! and go binge Netflix or whatever app you prefer.
  • Get proper sleep: Nap is a very important part of our life cycle. You need to take proper sleep to feel fresh full day. You feel so dizzy and demotivated when you don’t get a proper amount of sleep in a day. It also keeps your anxiety level normal.
  • Go to a therapist: If you feel uncomfortable talking with your family, then you can go to a therapist and share your feelings with them. They consult you with great advice and proper secrecy.

Tips to cope up with covid second wave:


So, if you are having the same feeling because of the coronavirus, you should try these tips out for the betterment of your mental health. I’m no therapist or doctor but from my personal experience, I definitely think these will help you so much.

So, that was it. I hope it was useful to you. As I said in the above lines, coronavirus anxiety got into our heads more dangerous than the virus itself.

We should get prepared for the upcoming circumstances.  And we would not do the same mistake once again. Thus, we have to fight back this time and make our anxiety lose the battle over our mental health.

Things to do when you feel Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem these days, and people do not realize that anxiety can grow more horribly. That is because their lives are so busy making money that they do not think about their health. So, we have listed a few practices that one should do whenever they feel anxiety and panic attacks due to coronaphobia. 

Drink cold water

Looking weird or common?. But yes, you must know how much water is important for our body. Sometimes, inadequate water intake can make you tired and tired, and the moment you take chilled water, you feel good and refreshed. Do not believe me? Why don’t you implement and see how it’s going to work. 

Take a day off and watch your favorite comedy movie/TV series.

Let’s just be realistic here and give some credit to our smartphones, Netflix, Tv to distract our worries. 

For me, this always works; I watch FRIENDS whenever I feel low and sad and depressed. And after one or two episodes, I feel calm and refreshed. 

It helps me to think and recall all the wrong stuff and how I can come up with the best solution. 

Believe me; it’s good therapy.

work anxiety

Make a call to your close ones.

The person can be your best friend, parents, siblings, or anyone. It helps to let out your frustration and anger. Plus, they guide you, comfort you with deep talk therapy, and make you a favorite meal.

Talk therapy

Set music on and organize some messy kinds of stuff

First of all, organizing your wardrobe, kitchen, room, or work desk, or anything helps your mind sort out the good and bad stuff. Similarly, it is a mental exercise to find what is not good for you and what you should keep with you and what deserves your trash can. 

Once you indulge in organizing the stuff, you realize that your anxiety must go in the trash and fix it with the best possible solution. 

Deep long sleep

I know you must be waiting for this to be on the list. But taking a deeper sleep all the time is being a procrastinator. Therefore, it should happen once or twice a month. Why is deep long sleep important? Sometimes your mind needs peace and no work activity. And when you get up after a sound sleep, your mind feels like a newborn child with full energy and alertness. 

Doctor consultation

You may not want to hear this solution over here. But, the harsh truth is if you become anxious very frequently. Then you should take therapy from a psychiatrist or an expert because medication prescribed by your doctors can only manage extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Medical treatments like Xanax or other tranquilizers work in a way in your mind to provide calmness. Although stimulants are available in online pharmacies, only your physician can provide the right dosage according to your body and mind. 


buy medicine online




Disclaimer: The article/blog is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician or other qualified healthcare provider’s advice with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have a medical emergency then immediately call your physician or dial 911.


How Television Viewing is influencing Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity is something we ignore and consider as a “healthy child.” However, we do not realize the body’s weight influences overall personality to act in a society with friends and families. Besides, it impacts the cognitive behavior of children as well. 

Talking about using technology or watching television brings several uncontrolled changes in a human being, such as a change in behavior, physical impairment and less physical activities, cognitive changes, etc. 

But when it comes to children watching TV without setting any schedule creates dangerous outcomes for them. Childhood obesity is one of the prevalent and severe problems in the world. And here, parenting style becomes the only way to reduce the TV addiction of your child.

TV and Childhood obesity

What is childhood obesity?

In general, the word obesity defines an excessive amount of fat in a person’s body, which leads to several issues in the body. Childhood obesity is becoming a serious issue day by day. It has become one of the most important health problems, especially in the United States. 

The most welcomed method of screening for overweight is calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). Deviant BMI cut-offs in kids are determined based on age and gender-specific percentiles based on growth charts. 

And there are many different definitions of obesity worldwide. Nevertheless, a BMI>85th percentile is described as obesity in the US and UK.

Current statistics of childhood obesity

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data, the pervasiveness of obesity among the children of the US has been increasing since 1990. 

Similarly, Data from WHO (1 April 2020) shows that approximately 340 million children and adolescents at the age of 5-19 were overweight in 2016. 

Besides, another survey of 2019 estimated 38.2 million children were having obesity problems in both rural and urban areas. 

Surprisingly, in the year 2020, almost 158 million children-adolescents (5 to 19 years) were estimated obese. It has clear evidence of the consequences of lockdown during covid 19. 

According to the study of Cuschieri & Grech ( 2020),  there are three major pillars associated with the Obesity epidemic and i.e., (i) genetic, (ii) behavioral, and (iii) environmental determinants. During covid 19, two major factors get affected due to which cases of childhood obesity have increased. 

TV and Childhood obesity

Root causes of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity has become a very popular and one of the most common public health issues worldwide. Several reasons can cause obesity in children of different ages. 

Moreover, genetics is one of the major reasons that can cause obesity in a child. The Ecological Model of Davison et al. stated that factors for childhood obesity are:

  1. Diet of the children
  2. Less physical activity. 
  3. Parenting style
  4. Environmental factors 
  5. Personal psychological issues
  6. Social issues


How is childhood obesity-related to television viewing?

Where technology has given us many benefits, but there are several downsides to it too. Likewise, it has become another cause of obesity too. 

When a child uses excess time in front of the tv, there is very less physical activity for their body. 

There are many examples you can connect childhood obesity with:

  1. Screen time: according to  Kaiser Family Foundation, children of the age group 8-18 spend most of their time in front of the screen for entertainment every day. It does not include the time they spend on the computer at home or school for educational purposes.
  2. Eating habits: eating habits can mainly cause childhood obesity. Children nowadays eat unhealthy junk food instead of healthy food. Kids sit in front of the tv and eat junk for hours without any physical activity, which causes obesity in them.
  3. Media usage during covid 19: besides all things during the covid period, there has been wide media usage among teenagers mostly. Including online classes during pandemic has increased sit and eating habits. While studying at home, children lacked physical activities that caused obesity.

TV and Childhood obesity


As you can now sum up, childhood obesity is a very outspread issue in the world. It can become a disease if it is ignored and not diagnosed over time. Besides, it can be caused by many reasons in which genetics are the most major reason, but other factors like environmental and psychological factors can be controlled. 

There are several reasons for obesity, including dieting habits, parental skills, bad eating habits, etc.

For today’s generation, the media plays an important role in childhood obesity. And children spend most of their time in front of a tv screen or stick with smartphones just for entertainment purposes. It does not include the time they spend on the computer for educational purposes.

Homeschooling/virtual classes during covid 19 periods reduced the physical activity because children become more habitual of sitting at a place. 

If your child has this problem, we recommend that you pay attention to their health and diet as a parent. And get your child medical treatment as well. 



Cuschieri, S., & Grech, S. (2020). COVID-19: a one-way ticket to a global childhood obesity crisis?. Journal Of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders, 19(2), 2027-2030. doi: 10.1007/s40200-020-00682-2








What do you think about the future of Digital Healthcare Technology?

Have you ever realized how much we are bound with technologies these days? No, you should sit back for a moment to count your blessing that completing makes 10 times easier your morning hustles. 

Besides, covid 19 turned everyone’s lives into a nightmare. However, an amalgamation of digital and technology innovation, especially in the healthcare industry that helped us to keep our hopes high during the lockdown. 

Moreover, using digital healthcare products has become a lifestyle for many. For instance, you may choose to wear a fitness band over a usual watch because a healthy fitness band may help you track so many things at a time. 

On the other side, under the extremely hot summers, you prefer to buy prescribed medicines online rather than walking or driving for a mile. 

Thus, it’s how we have been pampered by health technology. So, many products and healthcare services are emerging day by day to facilitate our daily struggles. 

Digital Health and eHealth

What are Digital Health and eHealth?

First of all, Digital Health and eHealth may seem very similar to you, but both are different in their places. 

Digital healthcare tools represent the technologies that provide services to consumers and patients to manage their personal health. 

While eHealth tools represent products that go far from simple internet-based applications. Such as health records, telemedicine services, etc

Moreover, digital health is an evolution of traditional medical care. It’s a way to take care of your health by using digital platforms such as computers, mobile, etc. 

And it is a digitization of the medical sector. You can use many different apps created for this very purpose.

On the other side, eHealth care is a healthcare practice by using information and communication technologies in the healthcare space. 

It includes telemarketing of medicines (order medicines online) and other medical products.

Opportunities of Digital Healthcare Technology

digital healthcare technology

Not even for consumers but also for students, digital healthcare technology is one of the influential platforms to pursue. 

Even though covid has ruined everybody’s life schedules, we cannot ignore the fact that we were able to get acquainted with the digital world because of this. 

Indeed, covid has given many benefits to the digital industry.

Here are a few benefits of digital healthcare:

  • You don’t have to wait in the queue to get your blood reports. 
  • You can have your reports online with the help of digital healthcare tools.
  • It helps to maintain and secure your health data.
  • You can get real-time access to your health like a health fit band.
  • It is very convenient as you don’t have to waste your time waiting for your turn in the clinic or hospital.
  • As it is the technology, it has the best cures for diseases. You can communicate directly and be more personalized.
  • Also, it includes VR and AR technologies that make it easier to operate.
  • It includes robotics which makes the process faster and helps them focus on other tasks.
  • Besides, it involves telemedicine, a wonderful alternative for patients to overcome the distance between them and the service provider. 
  • Besides, it improves patient care quality, also reduces the cost, and more convenient.
  • Because of the IoT, it has lower costs, and patients will have a better experience as it helps to improve treatment outcomes and have fewer errors and waste.
  • Cloud computing offers many significant benefits to healthcare. It gives high data availability, robust backup, and disaster recovery capabilities.

These are some of the benefits of the digital health care system. The list goes long but similar to any industry. It also has some challenges to face.

Challenges in Digital Healthcare Technology

Though digitization of healthcare is a major leading step towards growth, there are many challenges too much as any of the evolutionary transformations. 

  • The consumer feels security problems and privacy issues.
  • Data processing is the major challenge for the digital healthcare industry. It’s because of the unmitigated amount of data that hospitals and the same platforms collect.
  • Cybersecurity is another big problem for digital healthcare like any other digital platform.
  • Digital users must be satisfied with the services.
  • Last but not least, only literate or educated people are more positive about using digital healthcare products. Because of a lack of awareness level and education, they are still following the old school norms. 


I hope you got what you were looking for. As you can sum up with the above theories, the digital healthcare industry has a bright future ahead. 

However, this was not a very hot topic to discuss before last year. But after a pandemic, it is a topic we need to discuss very thoroughly. 

According to  Software Advice, 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate providers. 84% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As we now know, digital healthcare is very affordable, approachable, and a very easy way to manage our health. 

There are many challenges towards it too. Where a literate person can efficiently operate it, an illiterate person cannot have the same obtainment. They have to go to the doctor and pay whatever the charges are.

Therefore, if you are looking to devote your future to digital technology, you must go ahead.